Monday, December 28, 2009

Guess What?

You know my father-in-law from my last post? The one who didn't wash his hands and touched her face, and criticized me for being so paranoid of germs.

He woke up and I quote "sicker than a dog" the next day.

Fucking asshole! (sorry I'm pissed)

He's never holding her again. . .

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. . .

That's the song that goes through my sarcastic mind every year while I am circling a crowded parking lot, standing in a never-ending line, or any other undesirable holiday undertaking. It's also the diddy that I heard during the last three day holiday dinner marathon.

To focus on the positive, it was a great first Christmas with our daughter. Yesterday marked one year since we found out we were pregnant after years of infertility. She got completely spoiled by her relatives. Her gifts by far outnumbered every one's. That's what happens when you're the first grandchild on both sides. She is so lucky to be so loved.

There's nothing quite like the holidays however to bring out loads of unsolicited parenting advice and critiques. Here are some of the comments we heard during Christmas eve, Christmas day, and the day after Christmas (yes, one more holiday dinner for DH's dad) and my silent-never-said-aloud-rebuttals:

1) "Are her eyes open? Don't go get her unless her eyes are open? Why are you going to go get her already? She's not crying." (said by multiple relatives in response to her waking up from a nap)

I wasn't going to get her just yet, but I can guarantee that she won't fall back to sleep after she has kicked out of her swaddle and is overdue for a feeding.

2) "Do you want him to comb his hair too?" (said by my FIL after asking if my BIL had washed his hands before holding my daughter)

No you big jerk! I don't want him to comb his hair too. I just want him to wash off his germy grime before touching her hands which go straight in her three month old mouth. And I would have appreciated if you would have washed yours before taking your finger and encircling her mouth while making strange noises in an attempt to play with her. Damn people! Keep your hands away from her face.

3) "When are you going to just put her down and let her cry?" (said while she was heard crying when my husband was trying to rock her to sleep)

The most annoying question of all. It is one I've asked myself and something I am considering doing soon. She is not quite four months yet and I don't feel comfortable doing it any sooner
than that. Oh, and by the way she won't just cry, she'll scream bloody murder and it's Christmas and I just don't want to hear it. So mind your own f-ing business people.

There were more, so many more I can't even remember. Relatives who never before got on my nerves suddenly do now that my child is involved. I'm so tired of ass-vice I could scream.

It bothers me the most when people think I am being paranoid about my daughter. I have been very proud of myself since I've become a mother. I use a burp cloth that falls on the floor. I don't wash her toys every day. I simply rinse of a paci that has fallen on the floor. I let my dog lick her. (This one was hard for me, but almost impossible to avoid.) I didn't freak out when I say a pink spot in her morning urine-soaked diaper. (I did call to be sure and found out it's concentrated urine from her going so long overnight without a feeding). Anyone who knows me or has even followed my other blog will know I am a worry wort. So I am very pleased with how I've responded to motherhood. Therefore it makes me so mad when people insinuate that I am being overprotective or too doting.

I'm sure this is just the beginning of everyone giving me their opinions. When someone questions your parenting it is insulting. I never knew just how much until I stand here on the other side. It's a totally new perspective for me.

I am so looking forward to our New Year's Day dinner with DH's family. . .

Monday, December 14, 2009

Picture Time

It's been awhile since I've posted any pics of Maddy. She is growing like a weed. At least I think so.

She's gotten so heavy in fact that I threw my back out Friday lifting her in the car seat into the car. I've never had back problems before and was fine all during my pregnancy, so I must have tweaked it just right. I felt fine the next day though. If I hadn't I told DH he'd have to stay home. She is too tricky of a baby to deal with when you can hardly lift her.

So far so good with the new dose of Zantac. She's back to sleeping through the night and more smiley during the day. I can't imagine what we'd be going through right now if I never got her that diagnosis. I will keep an eye on her symptoms though. I hear they can start developing a tolerance to that kind of medication and sometimes need a different type.
The first pic is in her Thanksgiving outfit and the other two are all smiles in her bouncy chair. I heart the bouncy chair. It is the only way I get anything done around here.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Three Months

Last Friday Maddy turned three months old.

What is she up to now? Here are some of her newest developments:

1) The acid reflux made a comeback last week. I suspected we needed to up her dose of Zantac because it just wasn't working as well as it had before. The pedi on call (mine was out of town) upped it by .1ml. It got a little better after a week, but not as good as it was before. As soon as her doc got back he upped it another .1ml. We'll see if that does the trick. We had a couple really rough days where she was screaming after feeds again. Just as the colic was dwindling, this became an issue again. If it's not one thing it's another!

2) She actually played with a toy this week. She grabbed for it when I held it in her view and then she brought it to her mouth. Who knew this could be so exciting! She has also grabbed her toys in the play gym. She grabs for our faces and just wants to touch everything. She's interacting with her world so much more.

3) She still experiences meltdowns. They occur most when she is overtired and fights sleep, even when she is in our arms rocking or bouncing. Other times we can count on a screaming fit: after a bath, being put in her car seat or swing, or too much tummy time. Otherwise, if she is fed and not tired, she's pretty enjoyable to be around and we get lots of smiling and cooing.

4) Back arching is her newest trick. She does it now when she is being put down when she wants to be held, or if you are holding her the "wrong way" or if she is fighting sleep. It is a true showing of her strong personality.

The best part of it all is when she sees me across the room and smiles or thinks everything i do is funniest thing ever. She is becoming my biggest fan. It is so nice to finally get recognition and appreciation for all the work being a mom is. I know these moments will only grow and I can't wait. She is a treasure. More work than I ever imagined, but such a treasure.

Happy three month b-day Maddy!