Thursday, September 16, 2010

She's Huge!

Not really of course.

But huge to me!

Maddy weighs 18 pounds, 8 ounces.  She has moved to the 10%!  Her length is the 21% and her head is the 48%.  So interesting dimensions to say the least- tiny with a normal sized head.

What is she doing at a year?

Walking:  Not unless she is holding on to something.  She's gutless- afraid to take those first steps alone.  Put her behind her push car or her baby doll stroller and she's all over the house.  She pulls up on everything but won't let go.  That girl does everything on her own schedule.

Talking:  Not really.  "Up", "Mama", maybe other words.  Not sure.  Not sure she even knows what she's saying are words.  She points to everything! She points and says, "ba!" or "da!" or badawa!" or any other combination of syllables.  I think she's a little behind in the talking department.

Social Skills:  She loves to play.  She scrolls through the songs on her keyboard, push car, stroller, block stacker (anything that plays music) until she finds her favorites.  Then she dances by shaking her butt up and down.  She still loves dolls. She actually plays with them.  She kisses and hugs them, covers them up with blankets, puts them in their little stroller and gives them a ride,  She did this all on her own with little encouragement from me.  She loves jewelry and shiny, girly things and I have to admit- I love it!  She still loves books.  She'll crawl over to me with a book in her hand and crawl up on my lap and wait for me to read it to her.  After two pages she'll crawl away, but hey, it's a start.

She does not however clap her hands together and she rarely waves.  They asked me that at the doctor's yesterday.  The nurse was filling out some form and she asked me about clapping.  I said no and she looked at me like I had two heads.  "She doesn't clap her hands?"  I said, "No.  She bangs toys together but she doesn't clap if she's happy."  I felt like a failure.  She does so many other things.  Should I care that she doesn't clap?  Damn!  These milestones are killing me.

Sleeping:  Great at night.  CIO was the best thing I ever did.  Ever.  Now if her teeth are bothering her she just whines at night and tosses and turns until she gets back to sleep.  I don't have to go in there.  Naps are becoming trickier.  I know she still needs two naps a day.  But lately she has trouble falling asleep in the morning, even though I know she's tired.  I let her try for an hour to get to sleep.  If she doesn't I get her up and we try again around noon.  On those days she only gets one nap.  Or other mornings she sleeps over two hours in the morning and then has trouble getting to sleep in the afternoon.  Those days are terrible- the days she misses her afternoon nap.  I hear they start transitioning to one nap in the next few months. 

When did your baby go from two naps to one?  What was your transition like?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Picture Post (Finally)

Some pics from her first birthday, my brother's wedding (end of July) and a few randoms:

The Birthday Girl
(She mostly just massaged her cake and ate very little.  Needless to say her cake was nice and relaxed)

One of two outfits (too bad she didn't stand still long enough to see it)

A Princess Dress from DH's coworker. 
(One of her many presents.)

Getting ready for her uncle's wedding.

Maddy and Daddy
(one of my favorite pictures)

She sure loves books!  ("Go Dog Go!" is a favorite)

Having some fun in her new car.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

Maddy turns one!

I have been in party planning mode all week. I taught Monday and Tuesday and have been running errands nonstop since Wednesday. Decorations, food, drinks. . .I am up to my neck in it all. It's not even a big gathering-just 15-20 adults and a handful of kids. Still. . .the planning.

I went with a festive, colorful theme instead of a pink princessy one. I love pink, but it didn't seem right for a bunch of adults. Maybe I'll save the girly theme for a party she'll remember with friends of her own.

I can't believe the day is almost here. I remember rocking her through her colic/reflux and thinking we'd never get there. How can the days go so slow and years fly?

Happy Birthday Madelyn!

Enjoy your last day as a baby.

We could not imagine life without you.