Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time for an Update?

I need to blog more. 

I never filled out one baby book for Maddy.  I got three of them from my showers and I haven't wrote in a single one. 

At least I have my blog. . . as sparse as it is lately.

Maddy is 14 months old today.

Right after her 12 month appt, when I was concerned because she wasn't clapping or waving, she started doing both about two days later.  Now she claps all the time and waves hi and bye.  She claps when she's happy.  She claps if she likes the strawberries she's eating.  She claps and pats her legs in her attempt at rhythm when a favorite song comes on.  She claps when I come in to get her in the mornings. 

She's still not walking, although she has taken her first steps.  If you walk with her and get her some momentum, she can waddle one, two or three steps to someone else.  She still has not taken any on her own accord.  She is very content with crawling.

She's still not talking much.  Although she does have a great understanding of language.  If I start reciting one of her books (which I have memorized after countless readings), she will go and find it and bring it to me to read.  She can touch her nose and tummy.  She knows socks and shoes go on her feet and hats go on her head.   She says "mom" or "mama" for most things now.  Every once in a while I have heard her say "Ra-ra" for our dog Rudy.  She says "dad" sometimes and a "hi" or "bye" every once in a while.  Nothing consistent that I am confident she knows what she is saying.   

She is relying on other ways to communicate.  Just last night she hadn't ate much dinner and right before her bedtime she crawled over to her high chair, stood up and pointed to it.  I asked her if she was hungry and strapped her in.  I gave her her leftover dinner and some water.  She immediately started clapping. 

Halloween was so much more fun this year!  I have to put a comparison picture here.  Most pictures are on DH's iphone and I can't get them on my laptop when I need them.  It was much more pleasant not taking a screaming, colicky baby to the pumpkin patch. 

I think we're teething again. . . Naps are not consistent and she's been waking at night.  (She only has her top two and her bottom two. ) She just woke up after a 40 minute nap.  Ugh! 

Maybe this is why I don't blog anymore. . .